About Us

Our Mission: “Living life to the fullest, inside and out”

Global friendship

Vital Vistas’ mission and passion is to promote thorough understanding between China and America through education and cultural immersion. We bring you an integrated view from the inside, fostering expanded opportunities for you to create your own personal and educational development.

Vital Vistas’ consultants have extensive experience in US and Chinese education systems and teaching, as well as planning and conducting educational and cultural exchange programs. We have developed close working relationships with the schools and cultural organizations we represent. We only work with those organizations that meet our highest standards for excellence in education, safety and services. Because our consultants conduct their own organizational screening personally and on-site, we can confidently and knowledgably attest to the quality of each one we choose to represent.

China-US cultural exchange

Since we are educators, business owners and former US university students ourselves, we know what you, our clients, want and need in your global future. We have extensively researched the potential options for you and developed those that present you with the best choices for success. Vital Vistas’ programs are not limited to the standard solutions that are realistically out of reach of most prospective students. Because we understand that one solution does not fit all, our team will work closely with you and your family each step of the way to select and achieve the path to success that works best for you.