Short Term College

Short-term college

Vital Vistas partners with a prestigious university hosting short-term language and targeted educational exchange programs on a short-term, all-inclusive basis.

Practice English and learn about American culture in many ways, both in the classroom and out on field trips. In your special classes you will get a chance to do a lot of listening and speaking, to build your vocabulary using high-interest topics, and by studying the language in an American film. By sitting in on sample open classes at the University of Washington, you will have the opportunity to observe first-hand its learning environment, life on campus, and its surrounding environment. You will also be able to meet current UW students, exchange ideas and thoughts, and begin to pave your way into an American graduate school in the future.

Examples of these courses and certificate programs include:

  • College Credit Academic Programs (credit units, class length and availability varies)
  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • Health Informatics and Health Information Management
  • Content and Language Programs (Non-credit)
  • Business for International Professionals
  • Intensive Business English Program
  • Business English Internship Class
  • Fundamentals of Project Management
  • Short Term College Study Tour (Non-credit)
Short-term college

Outside of class, you have an opportunity to participate in activities such as the following: a full campus tour, sports day, the local city’s interesting neighborhoods, admission to museums and art galleries, and much more.

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