Study Tours

Study tour group

For a school vacation intensive introduction to US life and language, join a study tour group organized by Vital Vistas in collaboration with our university and cultural exchange partners. This program is ideal for students as young as 14 years of age through the college years and is usually 2 to 4 weeks long. The study tour is all-inclusive and combines travel and sightseeing, English-language skills development, homestay for cultural immersion, and classes on local history and life.

Study tour group

Vital Vistas arranges a full schedule of activities for students which may include for example:

A 3-hour language class per day focusing on improving students’ conversational skills as well as better communicating with host families — classes will also touch on American holidays, customs, fashion, youth culture, family values, etc.

Off-campus excursions to local points of interest, including city tours of Seattle, San Francisco or Los Angeles, depending on where your study tour is based

After-class activities such as a campus tour, a museum visit, a group meeting with local students, visiting a local high school, movies, sports, arts and crafts, a talent show and more.

Free time to spend with your homestay family, eating with them and participating in host-family activities.

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