Youth Outdoor Camp

Youth outdoor camp - arts and crafts

Vital Vistas brings you another great view of American culture and youth in our special summer outdoor camping programs. With your choice of two exciting camps in a spectacular environment, you will join a diverse group of youth having fun and making friends in the great outdoors. Your time will be filled with games and activities, arts, crafts and music, sharing ideas and stories and even some quiet time to absorb the beauty of your surroundings and the lessons you are learning. This is a great way to spend part of your summer vacation enhancing your English communication skills the fun and easy way!

Yes, our camping programs are a wonderful way to learn many new lessons as you take up new challenges like sailing, mountain biking, rock climbing, zipline, horseback riding, volleyball, kayaking and group games of all sorts. You will learn about nature through local plants and animals, and the physical environment around you, plus how to value and protect that environment. Join others around the campfire, exploring the marine center, growing food in the garden, or putting on a show for the rest of the camp.

All your activities are well organized and supervised, with your enjoyment and safety our top consideration. Both of our represented camps have been doing Youth Development for over 100 years and are accredited by the American Camp Association. You will stay in our clean, comfortable, newly remodeled cabins and eat your fill of delicious meals cooked and served in our new mess hall lodge.

To learn more about this uniquely exciting program, contact Vital Vistas!