Benefits of Alternative Education

Dream big

This is a great option and opportunity for students to get into some of the top universities in America.

Acceptance and admissions processing is amazingly easy and fast; with minimal bureaucratic effort and waiting, your admissions result will be promptly in your hands.

The admission bar is lower with no academic tests required, but the quality of education received is equivalent, having won awards for academic excellence.

No language test score is required for admissions, yet our intensive ESL program will ensure that you learn English while you earn a US college education.

By attending our selected community colleges for your first two years, you can achieve significant cost savings while achieving the same high quality education as you would by going straight into a 4-year institution.

Small class size and teacher-to-student ratio, so more attention from instructors who are really focused on teaching, not research.

Individualized support to international students, including academic support centers, transfer planning guidance, social networking (clubs, interest groups, sports and cultural activities); leadership development programs, one-on-one mentoring guidance and tutoring, intensive ESL classes, etc. featuring specially trained advisers and counselors.

With the extra attention and support, students will not only know better what major they really want to pursue and what career path they want to take, they will also be better prepared to succeed.

Guaranteed transfer agreements with targeted universities — berths are specifically allocated for our transfer students at many top-tier universities and credits earned are accepted by universities across the country. Tremendous transfer success rate enhanced by our highly attended on-campus recruitment fairs.

You will be saving money while building up GPA and other qualifications, and adapting to your new learning and living environment