Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Why have I not heard about these programs here in China?

A: Much of the Chinese market is simply not aware of the established transfer programs between community colleges and universities in the U.S. Those who have heard about it have inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date information and do not understand the quality and value of today’s programs. Vital Vistas only partners with those educational organizations that have particular interest in enhancing the global diversity of their student body. They recognize the value that this broad scope of viewpoints and understanding bring to the learning process.

Q: Why don’t other agencies tell us about this?

A: Most other agencies simply have no experience with this alternative route, so don’t know the facts. The big education and culture travel agencies may lack real-life US culture, education and work experience. Their information may be filtered through word-of-mouth information and promotional brochures, not actual life experience such as that of Vital Vistas staff.

Q: Although I have heard about the community college approach as a possible pipeline to a US university, what I heard was very negative. For example, I heard it is really a dead-end and unlikely to lead to a university education, it is just for students who fail to achieve admission to a 4-year university, or attendance at a community college will not prepare me for any expectation of future career success.

A: What you “heard” may have been obsolete, inaccurate information. It likely is from experience with other educational institutions that are not focused specifically on university transfer preparation. They have not passed a rigorous screening process such as that done by Vital Vistas and top tier universities with whom these community colleges maintain relationships. The truth is that Vital Vistas’ 2+2=4 is an alternate path to your objective of a quality 4-year university degree, NOT a poor, valueless substitute for that 4-year degree.

Your success in achieving a 4-year US university education will, of course, ultimately be up to your efforts and dedication, but those efforts and subsequent desired results will be greatly enhanced by the additional support and preparation you will receive in 2+2=4. For example, in Vital Vistas’ select community colleges you can take the same basic classes at the same level of academic standards as you would your first two years at university. However, in addition you will be building a much stronger foundation for your success in the more difficult upper level studies by attending small classes instead of big lecture halls; getting extra attention from the professor; collaborating and building networks more effectively with other students; accessing extra tutoring in academics, study habits and English; participating in special support programs, communities and events specifically provided for you and the other international students to facilitate your university transfer preparation and success.

Top tier 4-year universities in the US have extensive experience with these well-run community college 2+2=4 programs and the high quality of students that transfer from them. Consequently, the 4-year universities actively recruit the 2+2=4 transfer students, often much more competitively than is typical for unknown and unproven freshmen students. Experience has repeatedly demonstrated to universities that 2+2=4 transfer students typically have exceptionally high academic achievement in their second half of their degree programs at university. This degree success is an important benefit to the university as well as the student!

Q: How does Vital Vistas select its partner educational and cultural institutions?

A: First, we personally visit, survey and meet with the staff of the prospective organizations, looking for the same criteria that you as students and parents would be looking for to entrust your futures. We critically consider educational and cultural quality, staff qualifications and support services, environment and community comfort, safety and amenities, track record, resources, support and facilities, and accessibility. Only those organizations that pass our discerning screening are accepted for representation to our student clients.