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Vital Vistas - your guide to educational success

Vital Vistas is your exclusive agent for access to this important US alternative education opportunity. We cost-effectively support you through each step of the process and your program experience. Our staff are highly trained and educated, multilingual and multicultural, and have personal experience living, learning and working in the US. We work closely with our educational partners, and only partner with carefully selected organizations that adhere to the highest standards of quality, ethics, reliability and performance.

With our support you will be assured that your US educational and cultural experience is as valuable, easy and enjoyable as you dream it could be. Your success is our only objective! We guide you smoothly through every phase, including:

1. Short-term and long-term goal setting: Our counselors work with you and your parents to identify preliminary career and primary educational objectives; consider important environmental issues, personal preferences and success factors, as well as potential barriers; set realistic expectations; research and recommend targeted options based on your individual situation; develop a well organized, achievable plan.

2. Manage the application process: Ensure that all required application documentation is completed in a manner that will maximize admissions potential while minimizing needless and confusing bureaucratic effort and expense; assist in arranging housing and financial support as appropriate; prepare you for successful visa and passport documentation, interview and processing; secure miscellaneous needed services such as medical insurance, airline ticket and initial transportation logistics, etc.

3. Arrange comfortable, secure housing: You have a variety of choices when it comes to living in your new environment, all of which will provide a safe, well managed home and meals arrangement. Vital Vistas’ consultants will help you to understand your options, then choose and secure the one that is right for you. Most international students prefer to start out with a homestay arrangement, where they can have their own room in a local home with a carefully screened American family. This gives them a great opportunity to adjust to their new environment, learn local culture and customs, set up a daily structure and schedule, and practice their English with supportive, familiar people. Another alternative is student housing, more of a dormitory environment with meals, amenities and supervision. For those who may be a bit more independent-minded, there are also local apartments available.

4. Pre-departure preparation: Vital Vistas will provide you with a detailed checklist and schedule to follow in preparing for your departure to the US with assistance available on-call for additional questions.

5. New arrival set-up: Your initial arrival in a new country can be quite disorienting and confusing, but be assured that you are not alone. As arranged in the last step, you will be met at the airport by a Vital Vistas associate and taken to your new residence. There you will be given instructions on the house procedures, facilities, meals and expectations, as well as information on transportation to school, shopping, banking, recreation and other daily life activities you may need to know about.

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6. College orientation: Vital Vistas’ educational partners have been selected for their excellence in international student support systems as well as their academic excellence. All new international students first attend a one week orientation program at which you will receive complete information on all the resources available to you. You will be assessed for English language proficiency and placed in an appropriate English class level. A second-year international student will be assigned to you as your own advisor. You will be given access instructions to a special on-line site for international student success tips and news.

7. Educational and transfer preparation support: Every aspect of your community college educational experience is planned for maximum value and a positive result. Word of mouth by satisfied students is our most effective marketing method!