US University Transfer

Vital Vistas offers you a unique, proven alternative to the standard considered admission path from Chinese high school directly into a desirable, highly accredited US 4-year university. Our fast-track “funnel” program instead sends you to one of our carefully selected, exceptional US Community Colleges for the first two years of your college education. There you will not only receive an outstanding education with individualized attention, and advanced English skill-building, but you gain a tremendous advantage at admissions and success at a top-tier university.

We select our participating Community Colleges to ensure that they have the same transfer agreements with universities and reciprocity of credits across the United States, including such prestigious institutions as the Carey Business School of Johns Hopkins University, Indianapolis campus of Purdue University, University of Washington, the University of California system, etc. All academic class credits are transferable to any accredited university and for targeted universities we have special Transfer Admission Guarantees (TAGs).

Vital Vistas’ specialized program provides you with advantages other programs cannot dream of! Through our university transfer program you will exponentially increase your chances of success at admissions and achievement at a US university, save significant expenses, time and aggravation, expand your options for life success through full-cycle educational and cultural preparation.

Obama, Disney

Both of these people attended community college.

Popular transfer programs include Economics, Computer Science and Software Systems, Engineering, Communication, Mathematics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Biological Sciences, Business, Music and many more.

How can we do this and why is no one else telling you about this?

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