Living with a host family – good questions to ask


Though you are paying for room and board, remember that your host family is neither a hotel nor a dormitory; it is a private home.

You are not expected to work for room and board; however, participation in daily home life is expected.

Always make sure your bed is made and keep your room and bathroom clean.

Ask how to take care of your dirty laundry and how to use the washing machine and dryer (if your host family gives you permission to use them).

Follow your host family’s rules (go over the “Living With a Host Family – Good Questions To Ask”, in this manual).

Clean up after yourself in the bathroom, kitchen and other areas of the house.

Ask permission before inviting your friends to your home.

Tell your family if you will not return home for dinner.

Ask your family and friends not to call you after 10:00pm California time.

Always use a pre-paid phone card when calling long distance.

Ask permission before using your family’s equipment (stereo, computer and VCR, for example), and learn how to use them.

Lock the house and close/lock your window when you are the last one to leave.

Turn the lights off when you leave a room, or when you are going to sleep; energy is very expensive in California and your host family will appreciate it very much if you do this.

Always look for ways to help your family — they will love your willingness to be part of the family and appreciate that you are being considerate.

Keep the shower curtain inside of the bathtub and keep water off of the bathroom floor.

DO NOT USE YOUR HOST FAMILY’S COMPUTER, without first receiving their permission.