Living with a host family – good questions to ask


Be open to experiencing new foods. If you have trouble eating the food that your family cooks, be polite, but ask them if they could make a different type of food occasionally, that you would like to try.

Different families will serve different kinds of food.

Americans often eat leftovers from a previous night’s dinner.

If you like to cook, ask your host family if you can prepare a traditional dish from your country to share with them.

It is considered polite to offer to help set the table before dinner, or to help clean up after the meal.

Many American families begin a meal by saying a prayer to bless the food. You will not make a mistake if you wait to begin eating until one of your host parents begins to eat.

A typical American breakfast may include: cereal, bagels, yogurt, coffee, milk and/or juice. Most families do not have time in the morning to eat breakfast together.

A typical American lunch may include: sandwich, chips, cookies, leftovers from dinner the night before, drink (soda, water, etc.), or other items.

Ask what is ok for you to eat for a snack. Remember that some foods may be planned for a future meal.

Ask you host family before you use their oven or microwave.